Innovative Learning Centre for Medicine

Our Vision, Mission and Goals

Our vision is to become a regional simulation center that excels in simulation-based learning and research for healthcare professionals.       

Our mission is to use innovative simulation learning and research to enable our healthcare professionals to deliver safe and quality patient care.

Our goals are:

To create simulation-based educational programmes for our trainees and specialists in the domains of medical knowledge, procedural skills, clinical decision making, and communication and teamwork;
To develop simulation as a tool for competency assessment for our trainees and specialists;
To form a consortium with both medical schools, the Hospital Authority and other stakeholders for interdisciplinary simulation-based education to the different disciplines of healthcare professionals for the delivery of holistic patient care;
To promote simulation-based education for healthcare professionals in Hong Kong and Mainland China;
To foster simulation research to improve healthcare education, processes and outcomes;
To collaborate with the relevant industries in our simulation-based educational activities to make our service financially sustainable.